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Welcome to Rio de Janeiro !

Rio de Janeiro is considered as “The Soul of Brazil”, with its amazing natural and cultural diversity. Surrounded by mountains and the sea she impresses every visitor coming for the first time to Rio de Janeiro. Beside the fact, to be an amazing city, Rio de Janeiro is the home of many races. Their people with its native indian, european, or african roots are giving this extraordinary city her face. She offers many different things to do for all kind of interests. If you come just to relax or to have fun you won´t be dissapointed.

Grace, beauty and harmony of nature can be found in the tolerance, gentleness and melancholy of the people. The feeling of casual transmission flows through the streets and squares, which are animated with nice, pretty and open-minded Cariocas. By the way “Cariocas” are called the locals in Rio de Janeiro.

I warmly welcome you in the city i call nowadays my home. Come and explore the best of Rio de Janeiro with someone who is considered as a local.

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